​Capacity Development Program on Air Quality Management and Emission Reduction of PM2.5 for Asian Countries

13-17 September 2021, Online

Training Modules​

​Module 1: Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality M​onitoring Module will cover the details of air quality monitoring and analysis including monitoring methods, instruments, calibrations, etc. This module will also cover air quality monitoring by satellites, low-cost sensors, and Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS).

Module 2: Emission Inventory Development

Emission Inventory Development Module will cover development of inventories of air pollutants through “bottom-up and top-down” approaches and an Emission Inventory Tool will be introduced which countries could use for compilation of emissions of air pollutants. 

Module 3: Air Quality Modeling

Air Quality Modeling Module will cover the details of air quality modeling including basic information of Chemical Transport Models (CTMs), Source Apportionment Models (such as, PMF CMB), and secondary pollutants formation models and   applications of these models in air quality management.

Module 4: Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment Module will cover the concepts of impact assessment of air pollution on human health and the environment including models/tools used for impact assessment of air pollution on health and environment. Focus will be made how the impact assessment tools/models can be used in air quality management including formulations of effective emission reduction policies. Co-benefit of air pollution reduction will be presented in this module.

Module 5: Policy Measures for Air Pollution Mitigation

Policy Measures for Air Pollution Mitigation Module will cover the air pollution emission reduction policies, action plans incorporating mitigation scenarios, strengthening emissions standards, etc. This module will provide perspectives on air pollution mitigation strategies and actions in Asia, air pollution and climate change linkages, model/tools for emission mitigation scenarios, and science-based solutions for emission reduction. An example of national mitigation program will also be presented.

Certificate of Participation

For each topic of presentation, a set of questions will be provided to participants in order to measure enhancement of their understanding on the Module and the topic of presentations. Therefore, participants are encouraged to attend every lecture. A “Certificate of Participation” will be provided to participants at the end of the training program. However, for the Certificate, the participants are encouraged to attend every session of the training program and provide evaluation feedback on each topic of presentation. The evaluation feedback will be used to measure the enhancement in knowledge and understanding of each training topic. A separate webpage is created for Evaluation ​of Participants' enhanced knowledge and understanding of the traning modules​.