What we do

​​​The Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP) at the Asian Institute of Technology assists countries to advance their environment and sustainable development goals through the provision of capacity-building, knowledge sharing, policy advice, and research in three thematic areas: Climate Change, Air and Atmosphere, and Waste Management.​


Capacity Building​

Our training programmes and workshops equip participants with practical tools, insights, and the know-how to advance sustainable development action. We ensure that these activities are tailored to address the specific needs and demands of each stakeholder.


Knowledge Sharing​​​​

​We organize seminars, symposiums, consultations, conferences and webinars, and develop user-friendly outreach materials, with the aim to facilitate intergovernmental and cross-sector dialogue, knowledge exchange, and science-based knowledge transfer.
We also perform secretaria​t and knowledge management functions in collaboration with numerous partner organizations. For instance, we currently serve as:


Policy Advice​​

We work closely with local, national and regional stakeholders to strengthen policy formulation and implementation. We do this by conducting research, preparing state of the environment policy briefs and reports, and developing recommendations for a better science-policy interface, in collaboration with other units and schools of AIT.



We believe problem-oriented data assessment and scientific research lead to strengthening the understanding of the environmental problems, eventually guiding to the solution. Hence, in collaboration with other AIT units and schools, and along with external partners, we offer research services to strengthen the capacity of stakeholders to understand and address environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region. To date, we have published a number of scientific reports, impact assessment studies, and scientific articles in International Journals, along with our ​partners. These publications can be accessed here.

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