​​​​Capacity Development Program on Air Quality Management and Emission Reduction of PM2.5 for Asian Countries

13-17 September 2021, Online


​At the end of the workshop, an evaluation of the participants will be made through an online survey in order to measure enhancement in the knowledge and understanding of the participants “how much they learned about Air Quality Management during the workshop?”. For each topic of the lecture, a set of questions will be provided to get the response from participants. There will be a key question for every topic of the lecture: “write five key points you learned from this lecture?”. This will be a key question for the evaluation​. The survey data will also be used for improving the contents of the workshops for future events to be organized online or physical.  Therefore, participants are encouraged to attend every lecture and provide the feedback. A “Certificate of Participation” will be awarded to those participants who successfully submit their evaluation within the deadline.

Deadline for submission of evaluation​: 3 October 2021​