Air Pollution

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Asia region has witnessed impressive economic growth in the past decades. Along with industrialisation, urbanisation, and motorisation, as well as a rapidly growing population, the rapid pace of development has led to higher energy demand and the generation of large quantities of waste, as well as increased emissions of air pollutants into the atmosphere. As a consequence, the air quality in a large number of major cities is deteriorating at alarming rates, and the transport of air pollutants across the region is exposing the whole region to this risk.

There are many initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region to address atmospheric environment issues particularly, air pollution and atmospheric issues. It is best to address these issues through a collaborative effort, and an integrated manner which is to develop policies that are based on scientific knowledge and evidence. Also,  co-benefits approach in addressing air pollution and climate change needs to be explored.