The design of adaptation solutions requires climate change scenarios to assess vulnerabilities. However, it requires a considerable resources to downscale climate data which add financial and technical burdens for locally-led adaptation.

 To bridge this gap, we introduce the S8DS dynamical climate change data downscaling service. This allows practitioners to assess global climate scenarios at the local scale without highly specialized technical training and skills.

Moreover, it is made freely available for use by individuals or organizations working on adaptation in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific which includes officials involved in National Adaptation Planning (NAP) processes, and other climate practitioners, researchers, etc. However, commercial use of this service is strictly prohibited.

The S8DS downscaler is a web application tool based on a Graphic User Interface (GUI) to develop climate projection models with just click and drag functions. It runs on any internet browser in Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The user has an opportunity to submit downscaling and projection computing orders to a high-performance computer (or supercomputer) at no cost from a desktop or Personal Computer. The current version of the interface is available in three languages: English, Thai and Vietnamese. Other regional languages will be added as the system develops in the years ahead.

Currently, the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific, at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT RRC.AP) is seeking interested users to sensitize and encourage the use of the S8DS Dynamic Downscaler, including the possibility of conducting a regional training workshop on the use of this tool.

 In order to create a username, we request interested parties to email us with a one-page concept on the purpose and intended benefits of processing downscaling orders. A user should agree to share with us the copy of the report or document where information from the tool has been used.

For further information, please contact:
Hnin Lai Win (Mrs.)​
Programme Officer
Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacifc
Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
: +66-2-524-6242 (office) 
: ​