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Mae Jordaine Diopenes
Programme Officer

(66)2 524 6240

Mae Jordaine Diopenes is a Programme Officer of the Waste and Resource Management Cluster of AIT RRC.AP. Her current role is to assist in the implementation of a regional project on marine plastic debris knowledge management. Her work involves updating the knowledge platform dashboard of the project, writing project and training reports, and supporting the execution of the overall project. She has previous experience interning with AIT RRC.AP and assisted during the Training of Trainers on National Mercury Monitoring; and UNESCAP with the Sustainable Demographic Transition Section (SDTS) under the Social Development Division, supporting the team with intergovernmental meetings and working on knowledge products.

Mae holds a BA in International Relations and Global Affairs from Mahidol University International College, with experience from an exchange program to the University of Victoria under the SEED scholarship program provided by the Government of Canada.