​​The AIT RRC.AP Participated at the AP-PLAT Plenary Meeting and Capacity Development Regular Meeting

  29 January, 2024


The AP-PLAT Plenary Meeting and Capacity Development Regular Meeting were held virtually via Zoom on 29th January 2024. About 55 participants representing AP-PLAT partner organisations attended the event. The one-day virtual gathering was organised by IGES and NIES. Dr. Guilberto Borongan, Director of AIT RRC.AP, actively participated and delivered presentations during both the Plenary session and the Capacity Development e-meeting. Dr. Borongan shared insights on AIT RRC.AP's efforts in forging key partnerships for AP-PLAT. He also presented the Adaptation Tools of FloodS and S8DS that is housed at AIT RRC.AP and announced the launching of the two new e-learning courses scheduled for March 2024 on the AP-PLAT platform. Moreover, AIT RRC.AP contributed significantly during the AP-PLAT capacity development meeting break-out sessions, providing input on important matters such as the AP-PLAT Road Map for the 3-year Action Plan. Dr. Guilberto Borongan, Dr. Ramesh Soysa, and Ms. Hnin Lai Win participated in the online breakout sessions.