​Consortium for Air Quality Researchers of Nepal (CARN) Meeting​

  13 October 2023

     Kathmandu, Nepal

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP), served as an implementing partner for the USAID Clean Air (Kathmandu Clean Air Programme). On October 13, 2023, AIT-team collaborated with FHI 360 to host the 3rd Meeting of the "Consortium for Air Quality Researchers of Nepal (CARN)" in Lalitpur, Nepal. This gathering aimed to foster better coordination and collaboration among the nation's air quality and atmospheric researchers. By facilitating timely exchange of science-based information, CARN ultimately hopes to influence policy-making and drive effective improvements in air quality across the country. The meeting provided a platform to discuss CARN's progress, showcase ongoing collaborative research projects, and share results and findings from previous measurement campaigns conducted by various research groups in Nepal. Participants explored future directions and possibilities for collaboration. A total of 33 individuals (17 male and 16 female) attended the meeting, representing universities, research organizations, international organizations based in Nepal, and private sector entities.

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