AIT Sustainability Expo 2023: Pavilion of Activities​

  23-25 August 2023
     AITCC, Pathumthani, Thailand
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The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) successfully hosted the dynamic three-day Sustainability Expo from August 23 to 25, at the AIT Conference Center, reflecting an encouraging step forward in fostering environmental transformation and achieving its goal of becoming a net-zero campus by 2030. This event served as a platform for global experts, researchers, and students to explore innovative solutions and share insights to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This event comprised several engaging components including the Inter-university Research Fair, the Inter-university Hackathon, and a variety of informative workshops that covered diverse areas including water conservation, climate change, waste management, air pollution, sustainable buildings, remote sensing, social business and GIS, and sustainable farming.

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Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP) was an integral part of the AIT Sustainability EXPO showcasing its work through a booth and a hybrid half a day seminar conducted on the morning of 24th August 2023. During the AIT Sustainability Expo, RRC.AP enthusiastically engaged in the exhibition through the booth, showcasing its regional experiences, activities, and services to the participants. Visitors to the RRC.AP booth were provided with an extensive display of the organization’s initiatives which ranged from capacity-building programs, climate adaptation tools, e-learning courses as well as knowledge sharing products.

Beyond the visual portrayal, the booth engagement facilitated knowledge sharing and discussion by emphasizing its key role in sustainable development. As the Expo concluded, RRC.AP’s booth emerged as an image of its impactful activities in the Asia-Pacific region. ​ ​