​​​Study Trip Visit by the Representatives of Loyola University, New Orleans Campus, College of Business, 3 January 2023, Pathum Thani, Thailand

   3 January 2023
    RRC.AP, Pathumthani, Thailand

The AIT RRC.AP accommodated the study trip representatives of Loyola University, New Orleans Campus, College of Business’ faculty coordinators and students on 3rd January 2023. Faculty Coordinator headed Dr. Mazhar Islam together with another faculty and over 20 students visited to learn about the activities of the Centre. Dr. Guilberto Borongan, Director of AIT RRC.AP, briefed the representatives, starting with the history and establishment of the Centre up to its current mandate. Dr. Borongan discussed the 3 main thematic areas of the Centre namely: Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Waste and Resource Management. After the presentation, the floor was opened for questions especially about the courses and subjects that were taught to the students in their university. Some of the students were appreciative to learn that RRC.AP is dealing directly to the hot topics of environmental issues that is being discussed in climate change, air pollution and waste management for that matter. Students were also invited to apply for internship not only in RRC.AP but for the whole AIT as well. Refreshments were served after the meeting while the Loyola University participants had personally inquired more with the other RRC.AP staff about some of the questions they had that were not shared during the Q and A.