​Local Level Training on Climate Change Downscaling Using the S8 Downscaler Tool

   8-9 December 2021
      Chiang Mai, Thailand

The training on climate change downscaling using the S8 downscaler tool was convened by RRCAP in collaboration with Highland Research and Development Institute (HRDI) in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 8-9 December 2021. HRDI is a public-funded organisation, based in Chiangmai, mandated in promoting food security, poverty alleviation, and ecosystem health in mountain regions, currently covering 1,066 communities in 20 provinces of Thailand.

The training aimed to strengthen the capacity of the climate research staff and institutions on the use of the S8 downscaler tool along with the basic understanding of climate atmospheric science, climate change, climate change projection, and downscaling techniques to build a strong knowledge foundation on climate change downscaling. Simultaneously, provide them with the tools they need to analyse their scientific data and information gathered on the ground so they can make informed decisions about their future, as well as expand communication among stakeholders at the local level to improve climate adaptation knowledge and planning.

The training was facilitated in the local language by AIT RRC.AP staff and Dr Nawhath Thanvisitthpon, an Assistant Professor at the Rajamangala University of Technology, and Ms Arisara Nakburee, pursuing a doctorate in Climate Change at AIT. The training convened 29 staff of HRDI representing their research, development, and strategy and planning bureaus, three Faculty members of Chiang Mai University, and five officers of the Royal Project Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in North Thailand founded by the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej as an umbrella organisation for his charitable initiatives and research to improve the quality of life of hill tribes. The training was delivered in a series of eight sessions over two days which included theoretical sessions focusing on the science of climate change, regional and global climate change trends, climate models and overview of S8 tools and practical exercises with the S8DS interface.