The Capacity Development Programme on Air Quality Management and Emission Reduction of PM2.5 for Asian Countries

13-17 September 2021
Virtual Training

A virtual training workshop on the “Capacity Development Programme on Air Quality Management and Emission Reduction of PM2.5 for Asian Countries” was organised on 13-17 September 2021 by the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP). The workshop was aimed to build the capacities of the Asian countries for better management of air quality and to enhance the technical capabilities of the Asian countries to support their national efforts for addressing air pollution issues in the countries including emission reduction of particulate matters (such as PM2.5). Major focus of the workshop to attract the participants from the member countries of the intergovernmental networks exist in the Asian region, namely, the ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution, the Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia (EANET), the Malé Declaration on Control and Prevention of Air Pollution and its Likely Transboundary Effects for South Asia (Malé Declaration), the Asia-Pacific Clean Air Partnership (APCAP), and the Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN). More than 200 participants from 29 Asian countries and other parts of the world have participated in the training workshop. The participants included policymakers, air quality managers, and technical staff of the countries including air quality professionals, academicians, young researchers, and students. Proceedings of the workshop were divided into 5 Modules, Air Quality Monitoring, Emission Inventory Development, Air Quality Modeling, Impact Assessment, and Mitigation Policies. During the 5-days of the training workshop, a total of 18 lectures were delivered by the globally known experts from India, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, and the UK. A certificate of participation was awarded to the participants The feedbacks received from the participants showed they have learned a lot from the workshop and were quite satisfied with the contents of the workshop. More information...