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The Emission Inventory Manual (ABC_EIM) provide a framework for ABCs emission inventory suitable for to use in different countries especially in Asia. This manual also presents methods for temporal and spatial distribution of emissions. It accompanied with Excel-based software for estimation of emissions

The Asian Brown Cloud: Climate and Other Impacts, published in 2002 (press release) is the first comprehensive report of the South Asian haze and its impact on climate. It is largely based on the INDOEX studies. It provide a summary of the large brownish haze layers and its impacts on the radiative heating of the atmosphere and the surface for South Asia and the adjacent Indian Ocean [read more]
Atmospheric Brown Clouds: Regional Assessment Report with Focus on Asia, published in 2008 press release) (summary) is the first integrated assessment report on ABCs with focus on Asia. It disussed impacts of ABCs on regional climate, water resources, precipitation, agriculture production, glacier melting, and health. It reveals that ABC is a global phenomenon, spread heterogeneously over several parts of the world [read more].