Impact Assessment Reports

ABC Report 2002.png
The Asian Brown Cloud: Climate and Other Impacts was published in 2002. This report is the first comprehensive study of the South Asian haze and its impact on climate. It is largely based on the studies of the INDOEX science team of over 200 scientists from Europe, India and USA. It provides a summary of the large brownish haze layer and its impact on the radiative heating of the atmosphere and the surface for South Asia and the adjacent Indian Ocean during the INDOEX campaign. It also discussed preliminary findings with respect to the impact of haze on regional temperature, precipitation, and health. Read more

​Atmospheric Brown Clouds: Regional Assessment Report with Focus on Asia (summary) was in 2008. This report is the first integrated assessment report on ABCs with focus on Asia, discussing the impacts of ABCs on regional climate, water resources, precipitation, agriculture production, glacier melting, and health. It reveals that ABC is a global phenomenon, spread heterogeneously over several parts of the world. This report presented, using the satellite data and regional assimilation models, the chemical composition of aerosols in ABCs and how their chemistry contributes to aerosols optical depth (AOD).

This report discovered 5 regional ABC hot spots, coinciding the atmospheric heating and dimming of sky with emission regions, weakening of Indian monsoon, desert-prone African region, and impacts of ABCs on Himalayan glaciers, agriculture production, and human health. Read more... 

​Atmospheric Brown Clouds: Regional Assessment Report with Focus on Asia was in 2008 (full Report). corrective statement