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The year 2011 saw Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia (AKP) come into its own in the region and beyond. In the first year of its existence, it established a firm foundation from which to propel its work. By the end of the year, it had moved closer toward its goal by getting the focal countries to take cognizance of the need to mainstream adaptation into development planning in the Asia-Pacific region. For instance, several of the most significant change stories in this progress report, capture different perspectives of ‘change’ from partners, media users and learning event participants. The qualitative data explains how adaptation-related knowledge has influenced new mitigation programming and research in the region. There are early indications that these outputs will lead to tangible outcome-level changes in 2012. The Annual Progress Report describes the RRC.AP’s most salient activities and deliverables in Section 3; Sections 4 and 5 explain the progress issues related to organizational management and expenditure. The year gone by saw RRC.AP initiate and enhance collaborations with over 18 partners for broadening the Adaptation Community of Practice in the region. Its increasing regional visibility is evident from the impressive number of registrations for the Second Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum. Previously scheduled for October 2011, the Forum will now be held in March 2012. Compared to 2010, the Forum witnessed a 47% increase in the number of registered participants and a 55% rise in the range of countries seeking representation. Feedback gathered from participants indicated that the Forum not only provided a great opportunity for networking with other adaptation professionals, but was also highly relevant to the needs of the countries involved. RRC.AP further strengthened its drive to disseminate knowledge by holding a series of targeted and context–specific seminars and workshops in 2011 to brainstorm on specific theme/sector linkages with climate change. These also served as platforms for sharing available information among policy-makers and practitioners in the region, and proposing solutions to current adaptation issues and constraints.

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