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Indicators can be defined as statistics, measures or parameters that can be used to track changes of the environmental and socio-economic conditions. Indicators are developed in synthesizing and transforming scientific and technical data into fruitful information. It can provide a sound base for decision-makers to take a policy decision on present as well as potential future issues of local, national, regional and global concerns. It can be used to assess, monitor and forecast parameters of concerns towards achieving environmentally sound development. Environment is constituted of air, water, land and biodiversity, which are life support systems for human beings. Human activities in the pursuit of economic development have caused immense pressure on environment. Reversal of environmental degradation is the paramount essential to safeguard the well being of present as well as future generations. Indicators are means of measuring progress of desired actions. In order to track the progress on implementation of the Agenda 21 and Millennium Goals, there is an expressed need to develop framework for simple indicators on environmental resources, i.e. air, water, land and biodiversity.

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