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The Bangkok City State of the Environment 2001 is the first city based SoE in Thailand and has been jointly preparedby Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and UNEP. BMA has played a very crucial role in carrying out the assess-ment by soliciting input from several government departments, agencies, and institutions. While addressing the keyenvironmental problems in Bangkok City, the report aims to drive appropriate policy setting, environmental action plan-ning, and resource allocation.Five priority key issues for the state of environment report for Bangkok City have been identified in consultation withBMA and other government agencies and analyzed using the Ƨpressure-state-impact- responseƩ (PSIR) analytical frame-work. The five key environmental issues identified for Bangkok City are: air pollution, water pollution, solid and hazard-ous waste, land subsistence, and noise pollution.Growing expansion of industry, increased number of vehicles, and construction activities have led to significantdeterioration of the air quality as well as increased level of noise pollution in the city.

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