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The primary goal of C2P2 is to evaluate if rewarding women directly with micro-funds generated from carbon markets for using improved stoves and solar lighting will significantly enhance women’s ability to sustain adoption of these energy efficient technologies. The secondary goal of the project is to develop a source of revenue from the carbon market that is sufficient to make this micro-payment model self-sustaining and scalable. In order to develop this sustainable model, we have developed a new methodology that awards climate credits for reductions in non-carbon dioxide climate pollutants (including black carbon), in addition to reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) for the use of improved cookstoves. By accounting for reductions in non-CO2 climate pollutants, along with reductions in CO2, each household can more than double the financial returns generated from a carbon market, thereby creating sufficient reveue to sustainably scale up the C2P2 model.

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