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The Malé Declaration 1998-2013: a Synthesis-Progress and Opportunities highlighted the achievements and results, challenges and opportunities and futures steps on the implementation of the Malé Declaration. Works under the Malé Declaration provide an operational platform for gathering and disseminating reliable information on regional air pollution as a basis for envisaged policy development. The synthesis report presents the achievement of the Malé Declaration in areas as diverse as emission inventory preparation, air pollution monitoring and modelling, health, crop, ecosystem and corrosion impact assessment, integrated assessment modelling, the development of policy responses and  awareness raising activities. The Malé Declaration has established a platform that can potentially deliver significant benefits for the people of South Asia and their environment. The Malé Declaration network is exclusively owned by the eight participating countries. This joint ownership is an obvious strength for optimal performance of its activities. Safeguarding and strengthening such ownership would facilitate funding of further implementation and programme delivery.

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