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The monitoring results of 2009-11 have been discussed in the Data Analysis Report 2012. The eight countries participating in the Malé Declaration programme were required to carry out both wet and dry deposition monitoring. Dry deposition was monitored using two methods, viz. by using PM10 samplers (for PM10, SO2 and NO2) and using Diffusive samplers (for SO2, NO2 and O3). Wet deposition was monitored using Wet (Wet) and Wet (Bulk) samplers for pH, Ec, NH4+, Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+, SO42-, Cl- and NO3-. The monitoring parameters and methodologies were identified under the measurement protocol developed for each of the monitoring locations. The entire analytical data were submitted by the participating laboratories to NIAs which in turn forwarded the same to the Secretariat. Subsequently, the Monitoring Committee members held a discussion with each of the NIAs at the Refresher Training Course which is held regularly every year. After discussion, the Secretariat compiled and stored the monitoring data on the website of the network.

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