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The Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia (Adaptation Knowledge Platform) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) organized the exchange with support from the Adaptation Learning Mechanism (ALM), the European Commission/Food and Agriculture Organization (EC-FAO) Food Security Programme, and the Millenium Development Goal Achievement Fund (MDG-F). The exchange brought together a core group of researchers, practitioners and policy-makers from seven developing countries in South and South East Asia, thus enabling the transfer of practical examples, current research, technologies and case studies of climate change adaptation measures in the agricultural sector. The objective of the exchange was to transfer practical knowledge on climate change adaptation in agriculture to the seven participating countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam). The exchange concluded with a summary of priority issues and questions related to climate change adaptation in agriculture raised by participants over the course of the workshop. The outcome of the exchange was enhanced learning and understanding about common issues.

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