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To better facilitate climate change adaptation knowledge at local and national levels in Thailand, the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform, with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, has commissioned this scoping study on climate change adaptation in Thailand. The report examines existing knowledge on current climate conditions and climate projections in Thailand and their implications on different sectors such as biodiversity, water resources and agriculture. The report further identifies the gaps in the linkages between adaptation knowledge and practices and policies addressing adaptation issues. Finally the report recommends a set of focused activities aimed at development of an adaptive capacity for Thailand that can be undertaken by the Adaptation Knowledge Platform in the next two years. These activities include:1. developing a modular training package for local government authorities; 2. carrying out an assessment focused on a river basin in collaboration with relevant local government actors, non-governmental organizations and local community representatives; 3. assisting in facilitation of participatory actions to build adaptive capacities of specific local communities that are likely to be highly vulnerable to climate change; and 4. convening and contributing to dialogues that bring together different mixtures of researchers, practitioners, planners and community representatives to share experiences, for instance, in trainings, assessment activities and pilot actions.

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