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To better facilitate climate change adaptation knowledge at local and national levels in Cambodia, the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform, with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, has commissioned this scoping study on climate change adaptation in Cambodia. As Cambodia moves through short -erm responses to climate change, it will also have to focus on knowledge needs for planned adaptation as a long-term response, e.g. developing improved climate modeling, to the development of monitoring indicators not only associated with sector risks, but also those to monitor the adaptive capacity of people and its ministerial bodies and committees. A plausible starting point identified in this study is to identify drivers of socio-ecological change through participatory scenario developments, and enhance dialogue and co-planning with all stakeholders. The following are some of the prominent areas for capacity development needs • Knowledge, • System, • Structure Policy. The building blocks to address climate change are present in Cambodia, but they need further structure and capacity development. Currently, activities are planned on the bases of mandates associated with two development frameworks; food security and livelihood. Hence, adaptation to changing climate conditions is not proactive but rather reactive to past events, i.e. lacking perspective on climate change context. Needed is a fundamental change in approach to climate change adaptation –beyond addressing immediate needs… and toward innovation to meet future climate scenarios. This can only come about by building the knowledge base of what Cambodia needs to adapt to, and how it can succeed in doing so with resources at hand.

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