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To better facilitate climate change adaptation knowledge at local and national levels in Bangladesh, the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform, through the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, has commissioned this scoping study on climate change adaptation in Bangladesh. here is a need for more theoretical and research-oriented work in the adaptation sector in Bangladesh. t is critical for Bangladesh at this point to build its human, technological, organisational, scientific and institutional capacity in order to cope with the effects of climate change. What Bangladesh lacks most is long-term surveillance sites and reliable data records. Without long-term data on the effects of climate change on sectors such as agriculture, water, health, etc. it often becomes a very difficult task to implement futuristic aims. Surveillance sites with proper monitoring equipment and staff need to be set up to record the changes on the various sectors due to the effects of climate change. Research and the implemented projects have been looking at the short term or acute effects of climate change, however, climate change will also chronically affect sectors such as agriculture and health.

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