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The Adaptation Forum 2010 approached the theme "Integration of Climate Change Adaptation" through three key parallel sessions: Vertical Integration (multi-level governance by applying different approaches, including science, to policy); horizontal integration (cross-sectoral integration, marrying policies to implementation); and financing adaptation (access to adaptation funds; role of both the public & private sector in development and planning). Knowledge sharing, capacity development and financing were emphasized as the key elements for successful climate change adaptation efforts. The discussions at the Adaptation Forum 2010 threw up three main learnings: First was the need for practical knowledge. The participants underlined the significance of translating climate science into language and products easily comprehensible to decision makers in governments and civil societies. Second was the need for collaboration among various stakeholders. It was felt that adaptation to climate change could be effective only if the workers at the grassroots were given adequate support by national governments and international organizations.

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