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Cambodia is considered one of the most disaster prone countries in South East Asia due to a lack of adaptive capacity in addressing climate related hazards. Hazards such as floods and drought are often cited as the country’s main climate risks, but the country’s vulnerabilities to climate change go well beyond these cyclic events. The climate challenge for Cambodia is dealing with persistent poverty, social and economic marginalization, and gender inequalities that exacerbate climate change impacts - often resulting in further food insecurity, environmental degradation, and the limiting of options for the poor to adapt to climate change. Knowing this, Oxfam America has taken an active role in highlighting connections between climate change and its impact on the livelihoods for poor men and women - with particular emphasis on adaptation financing and awareness-raising. However, Oxfam America sees much room for improvement and expansion to their efforts respective of women’s rights, and gender equity in the climate change arena; ensuring that climate change policies and adaptation support incorporate the needs and interests of women as well as men, and to ensure that women’s constituencies are represented in the climate change decision-making and planning processes.

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