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The mission of the Adaptation Knowledge Platform is to mainstream climate adaptation into development planning in the region as well as to ensure an effective two-way flow of information from researchers on ways to cope with changing climate to policy makers, and to communities who are battling the changes on the ground. The Adaptation Knowledge Platform is entering its third year since inception. The pinnacle of the year was the 2-day Asia Pacific Climate Change Adaptation Forum, held in October. It witnessed one of the largest gatherings of adaptation experts coming together to prioritize on integrating adaptation into planning in the region. The event saw the launch of the Adaptation Knowledge Platform web portal, which is knowledge based, launched to address the challenges facing the adaptation community. The Adaptation Knowledge Platform also launched e-communiqué, an electronic newsletter that updates the reader on the latest news on adaptation in the region. The Adaptation Knowledge Platform has also organized bi-monthly learning and sharing seminars and workshops that bring together experts, government representatives, NGOs and field workers. Scoping missions were conducted following which scoping reports were commissioned on Sri Lanka and Philippines. It also found out the areas where it could contribute. For Cambodia, Bangladesh and Nepal, the Adaptation Knowledge Platform used the scoping reports to implement its agenda, by strengthening the capacity of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology in Nepal, joining hands with CCCA on knowledge management and sharing in Cambodia, and by collaborating with ICCCAD for adaptation knowledge management in Bangladesh.New approaches to communications were deployed to merge efforts to stimulate media coverage of adaptation issues along with promoting community utilization of the platform. Thai and Lao media reported the need for community-led adaptation planning along with the development of training resources for Thai communities to assist them in undertaking adaption planning on their own. The Adaptation Knowledge Platform is determined to pursue its goals of finding solutions to climate change and putting them in the hands of communities that need them.

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