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The present report is the first SoE report of DPR Korea. The report covers the five priority issues pertainingto environment: forests, water, air, land, and biodiversity. The issues were identified in consultation withMinistry of Land and Environment (MLEP) and analysed following the Pressure-State-Impact-ResponseFramework.The National Coordinating Council for Environment (NCCE) was the National Focal Point responsible foroverall implementation of the project, where as MLEP was the Implementing agency. MLEP has played apivotal role in facilitating the participatory process as well as soliciting input from various line ministries ofthe government and other agencies. Around 20 agencies and 60 individuals were involved in the process ofpreparing the SoE report.We hope that this report will be a valuable document for all concerned with environment and development.The report will also be helpful in formulating environmental action plan, policy setting, resource allocationand decision making.

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