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South Asian Pollution Experiment 2016 (SAPOEX-16)

The South Asian Pollution Experiment 2018 (SAPOEX-18) is now gearing up toward a new large high-intensity campaign to study the Climate Pollutant Outflow from South Asia in period Nov 2017- Mar 2018.  The MCOH will serve as the hub for the campaign with additional participating observatories, such as, Delhi (NPL) and Pune (IITM) from India; Univ. Of Dhaka and Bangladesh Climate Observatory Bhola (BCOB) from Bangladesh; and MCO-Gan from Maldives. The objectives of the campaign are to study Mass Absorption Cross Section (MAC) of ambient BC aerosols, optical properties of Brown Carbon (BrC), and differentiation of primary from secondary organic aerosols (POA and SOA) in the South Asian outflow. The observational data will be useful to estimate accurate emissions of BC from various sources from south Asian region along with optical properties of brown carbon (light observing OC), and coating enhancement and atmospheric residence time of BC aerosols.‚Äč

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