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Lakshani Gunawardhana

Programme Officer

Lakshani Gunawardhana is working as Programme Officer with Air Pollution Cluster (APC) and involves in the management and implementation of projects related to air pollution issues in the Asian region. She is performing secondary research on Air Quality Management (AQM) by collecting, analyzing, and interpreting air quality data and supporting the APC in drafting project proposals, assessment reports, country fact sheets, and organizing capacity workshops on AQM. Ms. Gunawardhana holds a master's degree in Hazardous Substances and Environmental Management from Chulalongkorn University and a bachelor's degree in Biosystems Engineering from the Asian Institute of Technology. Ms. Gunawardhana also worked as a Research Assistant in the field of fate and transport of heavy metals in ecosystems. She developed expertise in toxicity modeling and environmental impacts​
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