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CCAC – Municipal Waste Management Initiative Projects

Waste Management;
Lao PDR; Myanmar; Philippines; Thailand; Vietnam

The Climate and Clean Air Coalition – Municipal Solid Waste Initiative (CCAC-MSWI) enables cities to advance in the waste hierarchy in a coordinated and cohesive manner to mitigate and avoid the generation of Short Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs are agents that have relatively short lifetime in the atmosphere - a few days to a few decades - and a warming influence on climate. The main short lived climate pollutants are black carbon, methane and tropospheric ozone, which are the most important contributors to the human enhancement of the global greenhouse effect after CO2. These short-lived climate pollutants are also dangerous air pollutants, with various detrimental impacts on human health, agriculture and ecosystems. Other short-lived climate pollutants include some hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)) across the municipal solid waste sector.

CCAC identifies key areas for improving and/or establishing solid waste management practices; develops strategies and plans; ensures assessment activities result in real on-the-ground actions; promotes dialogue among stakeholders; identifies and assesses the barriers for implementation of the past or ongoing waste projects and / or practices in the city; and creates robust networks of implementing and cooperating cities, countries, and organisations. The CCAC-MSWI overarching goal is to enable cities, with the support of their regional and national governments, to move along waste hierarchy in a coordinated and cohesive manner in order to mitigate methane and black carbon emissions. RRCAP is supporting cities in coordination with CCAC-MSWI partners to reduce SLCP in municipal solid waste. Cities covered under this project include Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Quezon City, Vientiane and Yangon. For more details....

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