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National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, Myanmar

2005- 2006
Environmental Governance;

UNEP ROAP is supporting the National Commission of Environmental Affairs in Myanmar with the development of their National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) through the Bali Strategic Plan for Capacity Building for Technology Support. A MoU has been signed in January 2006. The Forestry Department, Nature and Wildlife Conservation Division will act as a focal point and lead agency in the process. An inception workshop to start the NBSAP process was organized by the Forest Department on 7-8th June 2006 at Yangon, Myanmar. There were 120 participants from 40 different stakeholders, including several ministries and departments, research institutes, universities and NGOs. This was the first time for Myanmar to have such a sector-wide and multi-stakeholder participation at a workshop. The workshop generated a lot of awareness and clearer understanding on the NBSAP process, its goal and the way to secure full funding of the 18-month process through GEF. All presentations provided a general overview and understanding of the different aspects of biodiversity covered by different stakeholders. The institutional structure for NBSAP implementation was clarified and three thematic working groups were identified to assist for the stocktaking process and further NBSAP Process. The next steps will focus on securing GEF funding for Enabling Activities and starting the Stocktaking Process within the 3 Thematic Working Groups.

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