Regional Resource Centre for the Asia and the Pacific


Developing a Framework for Integrated Assessment

1998- 1999
Environmental Governance;
Asia and the Pacific

How to incorporate environmental considerations in socio-economic development is a key question that needs to be addressed by many countries in Asia and Pacific region. It is also necessary to identify region's current stresses and their interactions, identify core datasets, analyze the data and information using modern information tools, and present the outcomes in an easy understandable way for policy makers and decision makers. In this respect, integrated assessment could help integrate, reconcile, organize, and communicate knowledge across domains. Integrated assessment is a process to understand complex and interwoven environmental problems and to evaluate and suggest resource management policy options for decision-makers. The overall goal of the present exercise is to develop, using good scientific principles, a framework and tools for conducting effects-based assessments that integrate across ecological resources over large geographic scales and that address major classes of environmental problems.


The broad goal of the project was to improve the environmental conditions by initiating projects and programs that integrates five cross-cutting disciplines of

  1. Development of an operational framework and methodologies for integrated assessment, applicable to developing countries in Asia;
  2. Publication and dissemination of results;
  3. In-house capacity building on Integrated Assessment; and
  4. Collection and storage of shared databases.
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