Regional Resource Centre for the Asia and the Pacific

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Geographic Coverage
Developing a Framework for Integrated Assessment
Environmental GovernanceAsia and the Pacific
Monitoring Deforestation in Myanmar
Environmental GovernanceMyanmar
Forest Cover Assessment and Monitoring in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand
Environmental GovernanceCambodia; Lao PDR; Thailand
Assessment and Monitoring of Environmental Degradation in and around the Refugee Camps in Eastern, Nepal
Environmental GovernanceNepal
ALGAS regional database
Asia and the Pacific
Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Monitoring and Early Warning System in Hindu Kush Himalayas
Environmental GovernanceNepal
3R Knowledge Hub
Waste ManagementAsia and the Pacific
Regional Climate Change Adaptation Knowledge Platform for Asia
Climate ChangeAsia and the Pacific
National Sustainable Development Strategy
Environmental GovernanceAsia and the Pacific
Eco-Housing Programme for the Asia and the Pacific Region
Environmental GovernanceAsia and the Pacific
Land Cover Assessment and Monitoring
Environmental GovernanceBangladesh; Nepal; Pakistan; Cambodia; Lao PDR; Malaysia; Myanmar; Thailand; Vietnam
Coastal and Marine Environment Management Information Systems (COMEMIS)
Environmental GovernanceChina; Cambodia; Vietnam; Indonesia; Malaysia; Singapore; Philippines; Thailand
National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, Myanmar
Environmental GovernanceMyanmar
Strengthening National Capabilities on Environment Assessment and Monitoring (SEAMCAP)
Environmental GovernanceThailand; Bhutan; Bangladesh; Korea (DPRK); India; Maldives; Nepal; Lao PDR; Sri Lanka; Mongolia
World Summit on Sustainable Development
Subregional Environmental Monitoring and Information Systems
Strategic Environmental Framework for the Greater Mekong Subregion: Integrating Development and Environment in the Transport and Water Resource Sectors (SEF-GMS)
Environmental Governance
National Sustainable Development Strategy for the Greater Mekong Subregion (NSDS-GMS)
Core Environment Program Component 3 – Environmental Performance Assessment (CEP3 EPA)
Advanced Waste Management for Asia and the Pacific (Nat'l 3R Strategy Project)
Malé Declaration
Air PollutionBangladesh; Bhutan; India; Iran; Maldives; Nepal; Pakistan; Sri Lanka
Atmospheric Brown Cloud
Air Pollution
Regional Forum on Environment and Health
Environmental GovernanceAsia and the Pacific
Thematic Working Group on Solid and Hazardous Waste (Waste TWG)
Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia
Air PollutionChina; Japan; Lao PDR; Myanmar; Thailand
Global Environment Outlook
UNEP/KOICA Project: “Capacity Building in Development of Policy Framework for Promotion of Low Carbon Emission Societies in Central Asia”
Asia Pacific Adaptation Network
Climate ChangeAsia and the Pacific
Initiative on Strengthening National Capacities to Formulate and Implement Sustainable Energy Strategies
Joint Forum on Atmospheric Environment in Asia and the Pacific
Asia and the Pacific
Asian End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Recycling Project
Waste ManagementCambodia; Indonesia; Lao PDR; Malaysia; Myanmar; Philippines; Thailand; China; Japan; Korea (Republic of); Bangladesh; India; Sri Lanka; Pakistan
National and City Waste Management Strategy
Waste ManagementKyrgyz Republic; Tajikistan; Mongolia; Nepal; Bhutan; India; Cambodia; Malaysia; Myanmar
CCAC – Municipal Waste Management Initiative Projects
Waste ManagementLao PDR; Myanmar; Philippines; Thailand; Vietnam
Waste for Sustainable Development (WSD)-Asia Pacific University Consortium
Waste ManagementThailand; Australia; Japan; India; China
Climate Change Downscaler Training Workshop
Climate ChangeAsia and the Pacific
The Asia Waste Management Outlook
Waste Management
Waste Management in ASEAN countries
Waste Management