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Awareness Workshop on State of Acid Deposition in East Asia – From Data to Policy

20-Jun-2022- 20-Jun-2022

​RRC.AP supported the EANET Secretariat in organising an awareness workshop on the “State of Acid Deposition in East Asia – From Data to Policy” on 20 June 2022 on an Online Platform. The objectives of the workshop were to increase public understanding on acid deposition issues, to share EANET achievements in the last 20 years, and to explore further generate collaboration ideas for future EANET Projects based on the PRSAD4 (4th Periodic Report on the State of Acid Deposition in East Asia) findings and recommendations. Altogether 79 participants, including 38 women, from 17 countries including 13 EANET participating countries participated in the workshop.

The participants included EANET national focal points, SAC members, policymakers, national researchers, and scientists. Around 36% were the participants who joined the EANET events first time. Participants were highly satisfied with the relevancy of the contents. The panel discussions recommended a way forward including expansion of monitoring sites which may includes use of low-cost sensors. For more information about the workshop is available on EANET website.

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