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Training Programme on Pseudo Global Warming Downscaling Using S8DS User-interface

17-Nov-2020- 17-Nov-2020
Virtual Meeting

The AIT RRC.AP convened a virtual training programme on pseudo-global warming downscaling using S8DS user-interface in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, University of Tsukuba and Pacific Consultancy, Japan. The training was divided into three themes - Theme 1: Theoretical session on Pseudo global warming downscaling; Theme 2: Practical session on the use of S8DS user-interface; and Theme 3: Operation and maintenance of S8DS user-interface.

The theoretical session on 17 November 2020 focused on the basics of climate downscaling, including dynamic and statistical downscaling, the advantage of pseudo global warming downscaling, and the working principles of the downscaling system. Following the theoretical session, on 20 November 2020, a practical session was organised where participants learned to run the climate projection using the S8DS user-interface.  A third session was convened on 17 December 2020 which focused on the operation and maintenance aspects of the downscaling software. Each session was 120 minutes long and the participants from the Highland Research and Development Institute (HRDI), a Thailand-based organisation (2 participants), PhD students from the Asian Institute of Technology (2 participants), and staff from the Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (13 participants).


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