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SEA of Solutions 2019: Partnership week for marine plastic pollution prevention

11-Nov-2019- 14-Nov-2019
Bangkok, Thailand

​“SEA (South East Asia) of Solutions 2019” was held at the UN Conference Centre, Bangkok from 11-14 November 2019 jointly organized by UNEP ROAP and Plasticity Bangkok. The conference which was themed ‘Partnership week for marine plastic pollution prevention’ brought together about 500 participants from over 40 countries to deliberate on finding solutions to plastic pollution. The event featured opportunities to leverage investments, innovative technologies, and the latest science, as well as support on good governance, and advance community actions in preventing plastic pollution at source. Sessions focused on the discussions on solutions in the illegal trade of plastic, recycling, e-commerce and packaging.
The event also featured Plasticity Bangkok on the second day where relevant private sector actors including multi-national companies in the region were engaged to discuss and explore informed eco-optimism, exciting new circular economic thinking and ground-breaking technological advances. Plasticity is the global forum for practical, progressive thinkers who are excited about the future of plastic and the planet.  One of the sessions featured business models which bring consumers along, recycling options which ensure quality and safety - particularly for food packaging - and the engagement of the informal sector in the circular plastic management.

Some of the major highlights of the SEA of Solutions 2019 include the state of the science: how scientific research support action to combat marine plastics in South-East Asia?; transboundary movement of plastic waste; how to access  data on plastic flows and leakage points will allow for better understanding of how to keep plastics at the highest possible value chain - how we avoid polluting oceans and rivers. Standardized data collection and new technologies, such as drones and remote sensing can be employed to better conduct and disseminate research.

Innovative solutions could also be attained through a global data base, or project repository incorporating information on production and consumption into analysis of plastic leakage and wastage to better assess to address the extent of plastic debris. Mr. Guilberto Borongan and Solomon Kofi Mensah Huno of RRC.AP participated during the 4 days event.

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